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Journey Critic Reviews for PlayStation 4 - Metacritic

IGN 90/100
Journey PS4 Review - IGN
Whether you’re playing it for the first time, or revisiting it after three years, Journey remains one of the most powerful games in recent memory. 
With strong environmental storytelling, powerful music, and an emotional ending, it is absolutely a classic of the modern adventure genre. 
If you missed it on PS3, do yourself a favor and experience it on PS4. If you did play on PS3, you now own it on PS4, so this minimal graphical update is an excellent excuse to revisit it.

If you judge a game solely by its complex battle systems, intricate puzzles, or branching upgrade systems, Journey is likely a disappointment. 
If you’re open to that often nebulous realm of how a game might elicit emotion and the artistic potential of interactive narrative, Journey is an absolute must-play. 
During the course of covering the game, I completed it at least three times, with one entire playthrough being with a partner. Each time, without fail, individual moments (particularly the final level) managed to give me goosebumps, and those moments have remained on my mind for weeks afterward. 
Give Journey the same attention you might bring to a musical concert, a well-directed film, or a long-awaited book, and its rewards are substantial.