フランスで開催中のParis Games Weekで、PS4『DRIVECLUB』をPlaystation VRで動作させるクローズデモが実施されたとのことです。

DriveClub's impressive debut on PlayStation VR •

Evolution has shown off DriveClub working on Sony's PlayStation VR for the first time, with a demo debuting behind closed doors at Paris Games Week.

The prototype runs at 60fps and features a BAC Mono running a circuit race around one of the base game's India tracks. Evolution's Paul Rustchynsky explained that some optimisation has been made to get DriveClub running at 60fps - in contrast to the 30fps the base game runs at - with the car count being reduced from 12 to eight competitors, and with some trackside detail and the nuances of the weather and cloud system being dialled back. The rear-view mirrors were also disabled, though that's something that Evolution would like to address before any final release.

UPDATE: After our article went live, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida tweeted Evolution's Paul Rustchynsky, saying that "you need to explain the game runs at 60fps but gets converted to 120fps with reprojection before sent to the VR headset".

DRIVECLUBは30FPSですが、PSVR向けのバージョンはネイティブ60FPS、リプロジェクションによって120FPSで動作するようです。 このプロトタイプ版では天候変化やコース回りのディテールが省略されていますが、そのあたりは今後調整されるとのことです。